The new home of LeakTronics – Agoura Hills, CA

The New Home of LeakTronics: LeakTronics is happy to share that we are in our new location: 28438 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301.

We’ve purchased the property with the ability to adapt it to manufacture and deliver equipment to the most modern standards of excellence. What this means for you is, simply update your record of our address to what you see above.

Our telephone number hasn’t changed and our websites are just where they were before, but on-site trainees now have a more in-depth training experience and here in the office, we’ve got new windows to see out of, showing the beautiful California landscape.

The LeakTronics research and development lab also comes in with a wider breadth of opportunity to create and test new equipment that will help technicians execute the job faster and with more precision. See some of the latest gear LeakTronics has developed, including the CamVac System, using the power of vacuum to find leaks from within the pipe.

The newest Pulse Generator, the PG-2 also gets an upgrade. Now with USB charging and no need to maintain an outside battery source, the PG-2 is the go-to piece of equipment every technician needs to accurately map and trace pipes and plumbing lines – including PVC, when buried or set underground.

The future looks bright and the equipment on deck at LeakTronics will continue to revolutionize the industry. Stay tuned, and welcome to the new LeakTronics.


The Expansion of LeakTronics R&D

With growth comes new developments. 2019 was an incredible year for us. We’ve grown globally with distribution and training across Europe, through Central and South America and into businesses and homes across the Untied States of America. Together, we’re helping build businesses that support families and grow careers.

LeakTronics has developed leak detection kits and equipment that specialize in a variety of industry applications.

  • Swimming Pools
  • Spas
  • Water Features
  • Commercial WaterParks and Splash Pads
  • Residential & Commercial Plumbing
  • Irrigation and Turf Management
  • Line Tracing

With our new location, we are able to expand our research and development reach to delve into new areas of leak locating and repair. This has included recent product releases including the PG-2 Pulse Generator. The PG-2 has evolved from it’s original incarnation that used a sonic pulse to shake the pipes underground, giving an audible sound to aid in locating and now changes the dynamic.

The PG-2 is a revolution in line tracing. Coupled with the Soil Probe and LT1000 Amplifier, the staple of all LeakTronics kits, the PG-2 delivers an easy to hear yet gentle pulse in the water that runs through plumbing lines. This pulse doesn’t shake or rattle the pipe, it literally throbs, like a heartbeat and announces the precise location of the pipe underground. This is one of the new products to come from LeakTronics R&D Lab.

Another revolutionary product that is dominating the market came from LeakTronics R&D Lab in 2019. The CamVac System works with pipe cameras, like the Hand Held Video Probe, using vacuum to accurately identify the location of leaks from inside plumbing. With the vacuum pump, included in the CamVac Complete Kit, users apply a controlled vacuum and draw either air or saturation surrounding a pipe from outside of the pipe and the camera sees just where the break is in the pipe. Using either the sonde or the meter counter on the hand Held Video Pro Cameras, the user can tell where the leak is happening inside the pipe and can specify where repairs will happen.

The CamVac System from LeakTronics - CamVac User Reference

In 2020, LeakTronics is tapping into new technology that will offer the ability to seal a pipe crack without digging. A no dig, no trench, inject in-place system that will again, revolutionize the swimming pool plumbing market. The product will offer something that the market hasn’t seen, and will easily adapt to faster and longer lasting repair techniques.

Another place LeakTronics offers career changing alternatives is in training. With both online and hands-on training, LeakTronics instructs methods of leak detection that offer fast and effective ways to clearly identify leaks as well as ways to turn those leaks into repair work. With the new location, LeakTronics expands it’s ability to train with modern specifics, both in swimming pools and plumbing systems – helping create professional opportunities for people looking to grow within the industry.

As with all of LeakTronics equipment and training options, be sure to sign up for and receive the weekly email blast from leakTronics for specil pricing, announcements of Exposition appearances and public speaking engagements where attendees can get direct answers from CEO Darren Merlob on questions they have about the work they do.

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