In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair, we’re finding and repairing a spa jet line leak by listening throughout a pool/spa combo and discovering a leak in a spa jet line. With leakTronics equipment and methods taught in the Online Leak Detection Training Course, we are accurate, non-invasive and precise in locating exactly where repairs will be made.

Using LeakTronics PoolScope, included in the Pro Complete leak Detection Kit, we listen throughout all protrusions in the pool. Wherever plastics come through the wall, we’re listening. This includes drains, return fittings, side suctions, jet fittings, skimmers and skimmer throats and lights, along tile lines and at any breaks, cracks or surface issues we see. Then we get inside the spa, where we do hear a leak in one of the jet lines.

We don’t stop at the sound of a leak. We continue listening throughout the rest of the spa, and doing so – we isolated the sound as being in a jet line. Using the PipeMic, we backed up the sound we heard through the spa wall and in the return fitting. Upon successful discovery, we prepared for the repair.

First we cut the immediate area where we accurately identified the leak and dug out the plumbing. We keep the area neat, the dirt is going back in after the repair. When we clear it out, (in the video), you can see exactly where the leaks are. We cut the damaged sections of pipe out and repaired the pipes. Once proven not to be leaking anymore, we filled the repaired area sith the dirt we kept aside, re-set the bricks and left the spa leak free.

Another leak detection turned into paid repair work.

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