LeakTronics, the industry leading leak detection equipment manufacturer now offers a leak detection kit designed specifically for the needs of the irrigation and landscape industries. The tools in the kit positively identify pipe leaks under soil and concrete, pipe mapping and tracing and accurately pinpoint the location of leaks to minimize invasive repair damage. The kit is available directly on the LeakTronics website.

Irrigation primarily features underground plumbing that is laid in patterns with ninety degree turns and routing that keeps pipes from running straight between two points. The first issue irrigation and landscape professionals have is mapping the route of the plumbing to see where the pipes lay. To solve this problem, LeakTronics has included the Pulse Generator in the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit. Unlike copper and metal pipes, PVC and plastic pipes, most common to the irrigation industry, do not carry an electrical charge and therefore, cannot be identified underground by traditional means.

With the Pulse Generator, the technician attaches the device to an active spigot on the waterline and simply runs the water through it. A series of valves inside the device generate a pulsing action and deliver vibrations throughout the plumbing line and can be detected for literally thousands of feet. The included stand pipe and damper hose allow the user to adjust flow and apply a gentler or more vigorous tapping throughout the system. Instructions are included and how-to videos are available through the LeakTronics website.

With the listening devices inside the LeakTronics Irrigation Kit, technicians can map and trace the route of plumbing lines and use flags, or other methods, to mark where the pipes are routed. This will allow them to listen directly to the pipes for areas where leaks occur.

Once the technician is able to follow the routing of the pipes, the included Pressure Rig in the Irrigation Kit allows the user to inject air and water into the lines. The combination of these two elements creates a boiling sound at the location of the leak. being able to hear this sound tells the technician where the pipe break is and precisely where they will have to dig to make the repair. Using this method, landscaping and concrete that have to be dig up or removed are done so on a minimal basis. by being able to accurately specify where the leak is, digging the length of a line to find the pipe leak becomes unnecessary. The repair technician can open the surface area directly above the leak and spend less time and cost making repairs to the soil or the concrete area they’ve dug through. it saves both time and money.

Included in the Irrigation Kit is the state of the art listening equipment that LeakTronics is well known for. Beginning with the LT1000 Amplifier, the phantom powered device that powers all LeakTronics listening devices, users have the ability to adjust noise levels and sensitivity on the device to define the sounds they hear and isolate the leak.

Also included in the kit is the multi-functional Soil Probe. Using the probe, technicians are able to listen through soil with the ultra-sensitive pointed tip or by removing the tip and attaching the 3 inch listening disc, they can listen through concrete and solid surfaces with the same sensitivity. ¬†When producing the boiling sound through the leak using a combination of air and water through the Pressure Rig, there is no surface above a pipe that the technician can’t hear the leak sound through. with the mapped route of the plumbing line, they simply start listening at one end of the line and follow it until they hear even the smallest of leaks. As the sound increases to it’s loudest point, they will have found where the leak is and can make repairs.

The Irrigation Kit includes a combination of compression plugs and an injector plug that work with the Pressure Rig. The compression plugs allow the suer to stop water flow at irrigation stems and other areas while focusing on the specific pipe where they suspect a leak, or want to perform the pressure testing. Combined, all of the equipment in the kit offers resources that reduce time spent digging, damaging landscape or searching in an area where a pipe might not actually be leaking.

The Irrigation Kit comes complete at a $2300 price and includes a 2 year limited warranty and the trusted support of LeakTronics customer service. For answers to questions at any time, instruction on use or recommendations for best methods of use on the job, Irrigation professionals just need to call LeakTronics for help.