In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repairs, we’re performing a leak detection on an older pool that had upgrades to the deck. This pool used to have a functional self cleaning whip system but its been removed. What was left behind are what looks like return lines around the pool. Six of them.

During this leak detection, the first thing we noticed was a homemade autofill. Keep your eyes open on your walkthroughs. Homemade devices are a sign that something is leaking and someone has tried to make self repairs.

We looked over the system and identified what equipment was functioning, what wasn’t working and then began our full leak detection on the pool.

Using our PoolScope, we listened at all protrusions, including steps that have had the hand rails removed. Because they protrude through the wall, we want to listen for areas where water might be escaping around them.

By listening to all return fittings, dropping our PoolScope into the pool and listening to the main drain, listening around the light niche and at the center of the glass and listening around the tile line of the pool, we were able to identify a leak coming from one of the return lines that used to house a whip for a self cleaning device. We got inside the pipe with our PipeMic and discovered the break to occur approximately 13 inches into the line. it will be a fairly easy repair.



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