In this Episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we’re on site at a pool that suffered from structural cracking. This is common in southern California.

We took the job to perform a thorough leak detection on the entire pool, including the structural cracking, using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit. This includes all areas of protrusion in the pool. Drain covers, skimmer throat, side suctions, everywhere that plastic comes through the wall.

Ultimately, we made a bid for repair and got the job. Using the trusted strength and security of the Torque Lock Structural Staple, we show you here how we map and mist the area to see where the extent of the damage was, we cut out a wide channel for repairs, and installed the staples along the cracks. Every 12 inches, we alter the staple from a 6 inch staple, to a 3 inch staple, and so forth. Once securely torqued, we finish the surface to match the pool. A successful repair, shown below! Check it out.

The Patented Torque Lock Staple is the only post tension controlled compression staple in the world – that’s why it’s patented. Installation of the staple is easy, any contractor can do the job. A drill bit, hand grinder and some elbow grease will secure cracks from separation, shearing and leaking. By applying the controlled compression, up to 5000 lbs, you are keeping the crack from opening, regardless of applied forces. It’s a proven technique that is used daily, around the world.

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