In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we are at a plumbing leak detection on a residential home in Phoenix, AZ. The customer called regarding a higher than expected water bill and suspected that a leak on the property was causing the problem. The property includes a swimming pool – you can see the leak detection performed on the pool HERE.

As we teach in our Online Leak Detection Training for Plumbers Certification Program, the methods to accurately find leaks and mark the precise location where repairs need to be made is essential to performing a proper leak detection. By using the leak detection equipment and methods properly, we reduce invasive activity and the potential to cause damage in finding the leaks, wherever they are. By processing the entire property, inside and out, we will find any and all leaks that exist.

When we begin the process, we walk the outside of the property, the inside of the property and the inside of the house. This begins at the water meter, where the water enters the property from the street. By isolating the house, we can first decide if the leak is occurring between the meter and the house itself. By shutting the water to the house and watching for spin on the meter, we can identify any potential leak issues.

Clearing that, we can now begin to identify and listen to all areas that carry water. This includes detecting leaks in irrigation lines, outdoor hose spigots, air conditioning lines, water heaters and any plumbing that runs through the garage, outdoor closets, etc. Above all, as we walk the property, we keep our eyes open – looking for anything out of the ordinary like previous repair work, altered floor plans, new construction or simply, water where it doesn’t belong.

We walked this house inside and out, we ultimately we heard one offensive leak; behind the house under a water spigot. We back ourselves up to be sure this is exactly what we are hearing and prepare for repair. We cut the deck, repaired the pipe and got the job done.

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