LeakTronics hydrophones are incredibly powerful. They have the ability to amplify leak sounds with precision, delivering a clear audio representation of leaks at their exact location. Many times, just from the moment you get into the pool water, the sounds can be heard, and technicians can get right on top of the leak with ease. The sensitivity comes from the advanced design of the chipset in the hydrophone, powered by the LT-1000 Amplifier, delivering the proprietary design technology that makes LeakTronics the leader in design and manufacturing of electronic listening equipment.

The Pool Scope and the Pipe Mic offer omni-directional listening capability, taking in audio from all sides and guiding the user to leaks from virtually any starting point in the listening procedure. Move left, move right, up or down and the hydrophone is absorbing sound from all angles, guiding the user to the location of the leak.

The SM-1 Side Mic takes that listening capability and turns it on it’s side, literally. With audio optics in mind, the technology has been implemented into the hydrophone to capture audio from a uni-directional angle. This puts the listening focus in front fo the mic head and reduces ambient distractions that distract from location the user is listening on.

For vertical surfaces, walls where lights and return fittings sit, or along structural cracks – the SM-1 Side Mic aims it’s listening potential directly on those surfaces. When a sound is heard at a return fitting, at first it is possible that the sound may be at the fitting itself. With the Side Mic, the listening goes further back into the return, focusing forward of the mic head and listening, literally, inside of the pipe with greater potential for detecting the leaks.

When listening on spas and shells with multiple returns gathered in tight areas, being able to listen directly into each individual fitting without having to go directly into each fitting lets users detect leaks throughout spas and hot tubs with speed and accuracy, making the SM-1 a must-have microphone for any pool and spa leak detection professional.

When listening along structural cracks, the length of the crack may be evident, but the area of the leak might be in certain parts of the crack and not others. The Side Mic directs a more laser-like focus toward the wall and minimizes the area of listening to the precise area where the mic head is pointed. It’s the same for light rings and side suctions, skimmer throats and areas of delimitation. You can pinpoint what part of the vertical area you are listening to is leaking down to the exact inch. Marking the specific area where the water is escaping from a crack aids in more rapid repairs with less invasive damage to get the job done right.

The SM-1 Side Mic, like all of LeakTronics equipment, plugs directly into the LT-1000 Amplifier and can be purchased as an add-on to any kit that includes the LT-1000. This means VILO users can add the SM-1 to their kit for enhanced listening, Pro Complete Kits and Pro Kits can add to their arsenal of gear and even if a Plumber decided to take on a swimming pool, a fountain or a spa, the SM-1 plugs directly into their amplifier in their kit.

The SM-1 is designed with LeakTronics Yellow Line technology, features a longer cable as a standard and offers enhanced listening in higher water tables. Where less pressure pushes out on a leak due to a shallower depth of water, the frequencies it delivers are more easily captured by the updated Yellow Line technology.

Learn more here (The SM-1) and add the Sm-1 to your equipment set today for enhanced listening on your leak detections.