Entrepreneur Matthew Valentine in Lexington, KY did some research and found a need for professional, accurate leak detection in his surrounding community. He saw the videos, read about the equipment and training and gave us a call. We discussed what we had to offer and he came on board.

Matthew operates LeakFinder Plus out of Lexington and serves a broad area of pool owners with Leak Detection and Repair Services for a variety of situations. This includes accurate leak detection using LeakTronics equipment and leak detection methods, 300 Point Swimming Pool Inspection and even repair for concrete pool shells using Torque Lock Structural Staples. Here are pictures from a recent job he performed.




Matthew invested in our Swimming Pool Bundle Package to launch his service business. This includes the equipment necessary to find any and all leaks in the swimming pool environment as well as access to the training modules instructing on the best methods of use, and how to operate a successful business. Finding leaks in the shell, in sub-surface pipes and plumbing and in spas, sheer descent walls, water features and more. If water loss occurs, he’s got the gear to find out where, with precision.

Matthew also has our Hand Held Video Pro Camera with Sonde Head. This allows him to see leaks in pipes and locate them underground with pinpoint accuracy, and without digging up unnecessary surface to find the leak. This adds to the non-invasive services he provides, only making repairs where the leaks occur and reducing damage to patios and concrete when digging does occur.

What’s important to note is that Matthew didn’t provide non-invasive leak detection services prior to this. he wasn’t a pool leak guy, but now runs a full time leak detection service company with multiple employees. The reason why? He filled a need in the community with professional services, professional equipment and the training to make this career a reality. You can too.

Are you ready to enhance your service business or turn leak detection into a career? maybe you just need professional services in and around Lexington. Call Matthew and his staff and learn more today. Then, call LeakTronics at 818-436-2953 and get ready for a successful career that will continue to bring you work year round.