We got called out behind another leak detection company that blew it with a leak detection mistake. They dug up a huge pile of dirt, broke concrete and caused a lot of damage to find there were literally no pipes at all in the place they were digging. Why did they do this? We have no idea but from what we can see, they took a guess at it and failed miserably. However, with the right equipment and training to find leaks accurately, this won’t happen to you.

When we got into the job, we did what had to be done. Pressure testing the lines we were able to get to and using a combination of air and water to create the sound of the leak so we could identify were it was, dig and make repairs.

This took a little bit of work.  The pipes themselves ran under a wall and were buried really deep. This venue was built on top of a big system, and the previous leak detection company cut the lines. Using this to our advantage, we took the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 Camera with the Sonde Head and used our locator to map where the pipe ran. this pipe ran through an absolute entanglement of palm tree roots – it’s nothing pretty to deal with palm trees.

We used pressure with air wate to create a boil at the leak and when we dug up the lines, they were almost 6 feet underground. It was a lot of digging, but it enabled us to get the job done and make repairs, repairs that an untrained and poorly equipped leak detection company couldn’t do.

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