As Winter passes and the ground thaws, homeowners are discovering leaks and making calls to plumbers to find those leaks and get repairs made. if you aren’t equipped to find them, chances are you’re going to wait weeks for a franchise company to come out and try to find them for you. be the solution your customers need today and answer the call for leak detection so you can get the repair jobs and get paid. LeakTronics can show you how.

LeakTronics aids plumbers in getting the entire job done with the Online Plumbing Leak Detection Platform and the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit. In as little as a week, the online training platform can train you and your employees how to accurately identify where leaks are in the plumbing system, from the meter throughout the entire house, using the equipment in the included Plumbers Leak Detection Kit.

Buried pipes, under floors, concrete slabs, in walls, behind cabinets – wherever the pipes run, accurate leak detecting means less digging, less breaking and less damage to get at the pipes. By finding leaks with precision, repair work happens fast and plumbers get paid.

Stop turning your customers over to a franchise company that is going to try to upsell your customer behind your back – take an hour out of your day and find the leaks yourself and get paid for it. We have thousands of professionals around the world who do it every day – you can to.

Visit and step into a world that is going to get you paid for doing the job right. Call 818-436-2953 for more information.