SM-1 Uni-Directional Mic – Premium Yellow Line Series


The PoolScope’s Big Brother Is Here. With Uni-Directional Listening Power, the SM-1 is the New Must Have Mic!

  • Wider than industry standard range of frequencies
  • 20 foot cable (custom lengths available)
  • Superior Sensitivity; 25% more sensitive than industry standards
  • Premier Filtering Capability; 15% greater than industry standards
  • 2 Year limited warranty
  • Unlimited Technical Support


LeakTronics research and development team has taken the advanced listening capability of the PoolScope and turned it on its edge – literally. Meet the SM-1 Side Mic.

The SM-1 Side Mic takes control of the direction where the phantom powered diode listens and pushes it’s range uni-directionally. Now, listening on vertical surfaces put the focus directly in front of the mic head and extends its range further behind pool walls and into pipes that run away from the pool. The design reduces ambient noise and distraction from behind the user, (like the guy next door with the leaf blower.) When listening along pool walls to lights and skimmer throats, along tile lines and cold joints, structural cracks or in return fittings, the SM-1 offers more accurate listening with the same control as the PoolScope. In spas, with limited room to move, but multiple points of entry, getting right on each specific jet fitting is easy with the controlled uni-directional focus of the SM-1. It’s a perfect addition to any swimming pool leak detection kit.

With the SM-1, connecting is as easy as any LeakTronics mic. Just plug the phantom powered XLR plug into the LT-1000 and you’re ready to listen. With 20 feet of industrial cable length, the SM-1 is rugged and ready for use. Listen at coves, radius corners and throughout the pool walls. When listening at shared spa/pool walls, hearing leaks in pipes and plumbing is a breeze. Getting at trunk lines behind spa and pool walls is easy too. When pipes are pressurized and pushing water, or air and water out of a crack, the noise it makes is easier to hear with the uni-directional focus applied from the SM-1.

The SM-1 is the perfect addition to the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, the VILO Leak Detection Kit, the Pro Kit or any of the kits that include a PoolScope and Pipe Mic. Welcome the latest addition to the highly sensitive line of professional mics and listening equipment in the LeakTronics arsenal of professional leak detection equipment.

See the SM-1 Side Mic In Action!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in