Finding plumbing underground is a key part of performing proper leak detections and getting to repairs. Invasive methods, like digging along lines and breaking concrete lead to a bigger expense after repair work is completed on the pipes. Matching concrete patches or replacing lawns and garden beds isn’t pretty and having to dig through muddy landscape always leads to a bad day.

LeakTronics has developed equipment and methods that remove the hassle from line locating and lets contractors get to the pipe, find the leak and make repairs fast and effectively without unnecessary digging.

The Pulse Generator PG-2 is a device that injects a gentle pulse through the water in a pipe, allowing the contractor to listen for the precise location of the pipe, then flag its location. By simply attaching the PG-2 to an active hose spigot and turning on the water, the entire length of the pipe, and any lines attached to it, will radiate what sounds like a heartbeat through the line.

With standard listening equipment, like LeakTronics Soil Probe or DeckPlate, contractors can follow the source of the sound with accuracy and find plumbing, wherever it runs. Irrigation professionals map and trace lines over vast areas with ease, and pool technicians can follow pipes under concrete patios, decking and through landscaping to know where pipes run, and where to listen for leaks. Plumbers often deal with lines that don’t make a straight shot from the street to the house, and breaking up a driveway is something no homeowner wants. Tracing where lines run avoids the hassle of digging and gets straight to the pipe, even feet underground.

LeakTronics FLASH System is designed to find leaks in plumbing underground and allows contractors to know where the leak is without knowing where the pipe is. Using an easy technique of pulling the FLASH Mic Head through a line, the contractor can listen for the sound of a leak in the line and use the 512 hz. electronic pulse in the FLASH Head to emit a signal that identifies where the head is underground. When the leak is heard, the signal tells the user precisely where it is and where repairs should be made, without trenching along a line and ruining property. The FLASH Line Locator System is the only equipment in the market that allows users to find more than one leak in a line. Visit HERE to learn more.

LeakTronics offers pipe cameras for getting eyes on leaks from inside the pipe. With the Standard Hand Held Video Pro Camera, users can see inside lines with a 2.5 inch diameter and up and use the same FLASH Technology as mentioned above to find where the camera head is underground. For smaller diameter pipes, as little as 1.5 inch, the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 will get eyes into smaller lines and be able to corner 90 degree turns inside those smaller lines. With its meter counter, locating the distance into the pipe, the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 is the must have camera for pool and plumbing leak detection professionals.

Finding plumbing  and pipes accurately to detect leaks and make repairs is easy when you use LeakTronics equipment. With kits designed to aid contractors in making accurate leak detections and to get to repairs fast, professionals around the world trust LeakTronics gear to service their customers and to get paid. Learn more by clicking the images below.