Here, we’re finding a bathroom leak during construction with the Plumbers Kit from LeakTronics. When construction was taking place on this office remodel, the contractors heard water running. This is pretty common, especially when new ears are in the room. It’s likely this had been leaking for a while, but nobody really listened. However, with a visual notice of meter spin, while nothing was running, and the addition of hearing the sound of water moving – it was time to get a leak detection to find out exactly where the leak was.

When we arrived on the property, we checked the meter for spin, and it was in fact spinning. The water fed two buildings, and when we shut the back building, we were able to isolate the leak to the front building itself.

The building had offices upstairs and a single shared bathroom. There were no water outlets in the offices, and no water was showing from the upstairs leak. Typically, a 2nd level leak would be visible, in this case, it was not. That’s a good thing for the repair crew, to avoid an upstairs bathroom leak.

In the downstairs bathroom, the fixtures had been removed and we were left with a hot and cold water valve set-up and a valve that went to the toilet. By simply listening on the valve stems with out Pipe Probe, found in the Plumbers leak Detection Kit, we were able to hear the vibration of water movement on the cold water side. We continued to listen on the toilet stem, but ultimately, the sound was revealing itself at the sink. Clearly defined, about 8 inches from the wall, we heard the leak at the sink and marked the area for repair. It was done in a day before they refinished the bathroom and the customer couldn’t have been happier.

Bathroom Leak