It could be plumbing or irrigation – even a PVC pipe leak running under pool patios, when the leak, we make them boil. This leak happened right here outside the door at LeakTronics facility and we did what we do for our customers. We isolated the pipe, created the sound of leak and got right over it to know where repairs would be made.

Using our Soil/Pipe Probe, we attached the listening disc to the rods and injected bursts of air into the line. That air makes a clear and distinct boiling and bubbling sound right at the area of the leak. Because PVC doesn’t transfer sound, for the leak detection technician, they hear the sound at the leak, without question. The Soil probe allows for pinpoint detection, listening underground for as much as 6-8 feet, under soil, concrete, rock, sand, dirt – whatever is above the pipe.

When it bubbled out of the crack, we were able to virtually pinpoint where the leak was, even though we weren’t sure what was underground. When we dug it up, we were right on the mark. We could see the cracks and the water escaping when we applied pressure, you’ll see it in the video.

We cut the line and installed a plumbers loop to put the line back into a leak free service, then fixed the pavement. It doesn’t matter what the line is, irrigation, plumbing, PVC, metal – it’s a leaking pipe. Using the methods taught in our training course and the equipment in your leak detection kit, you’ll find the leaks every time and make fast repairs without unnecessary digging.

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