Many leak detection specialists have equipment for leak detection. Are other manufacturers’ components compatible with LeakTronics’? Read on to see what makes LeakTronics’ equipment unique.

LeakTronics Amplifier is Built to Work with LeakTronics Components

LeakTronics equipment cannot be used with third-party manufacturers’ equipment for good reasons. Phantom power is built into LeakTronics leak detection equipment and components.  Think of it this way: When a voltmeter is plugged into the equipment, it sends a very specific electrical charge to the microphone element. Once that connection is established, there is a voltage reading that occurs as a result of this connection. In contrast, when other manufacturers’ equipment is plugged into our LeakTronics equipment, the readings are passive. 

Think of it the same way you would consider computer hardware versus software. Computer software must be compatible with the established hardware of the system. It’s kind of like how Apple software won’t be compatible with Microsoft hardware. You could also see it the same way you consider a car battery. One specific car battery won’t work for any car, because some cars have specific battery voltage requirements, size requirements, etc.  You’ll see this often when it comes to electronic equipment.

For business owners and leak detection specialists who are starting their careers or expanding their services, you have an opportunity to invest in the best of the best in swimming pools, plumbing, and irrigation leak detection equipment. Let’s consider the specifics of our compatible equipment. A phantom-powered amplifier, such as our LeakTronics LT1000 Amplifier, must be used with a phantom-powered accessory like LeakTronics’ Pool Scope, Pipe Mic, Deck Plate, Soil Probe, and all other components powered by the Amplifier.

Are Other Manufacturers' Components Compatible with LeakTronics'?

Learn More About Our Equipment

There’s a lot to love about LeakTronics.  The LeakTronics Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit is the favorite among contractors since it includes many add-ons that allow the user to pinpoint leaks in swimming pools, spas, and fountains.  Included in the kit are the LT1000 Amplifier, the Multi-Purpose Pipe Probe to listen under soil and landscape areas, a Deck plate to listen under concrete slabs, the PoolScope, PipeMic, and pressure rig with controllable air and water valves for pinpointing leaks in pool plumbing pipes. Our Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit is the go-to kit for plumbers and restoration contractors because it allows the user to locate leaks under concrete slabs, plumbing lines around the house, under grass, landscaping, aggregate, soil, and soft areas. LeakTronics also offers an Irrigation Leak Detection Kit which allows landscaping and irrigation professional companies to trace pipes and detect leaks using the components included in the kit.


On our Youtube Channel, we have an abundant amount of technical and demonstration videos to aid you in locating leaks, however, if you need mor instruction, we also offer detailed Online Leak Detection Training Courses where we provide detailed instructions in locating leaks.  Throughout each course, we teach you the methods we employ using LeakTronics equipment to locate leaks and get the job done.

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