As a leading brand of leak detection equipment, LeakTronics is proud to be the only brand made in the United States. And as a US brand leader, we understand the kind of elements and weather that can affect the industry and the electronics leak detection equipment. That’s why we offer a 5-year bulletproof warranty.

Rough Environments Call for 5-Year Bulletproof Warranty

When it comes down to it, the leak detection environment is a rough one to deal with. Depending on where you live or your geographical location, you might experience extremely hot and dry or freezing cold and wet temperatures. There are rainstorms, snowstorms, and other weather-related troubles that could affect the integrity of your repair. Just as well, leak detection specialists also have to deal with potentially harsh chemicals and rough employees as well.

That being said, we can’t offer insurance for the weather or a bad employee. We can, however, offer the best possible warranty for your equipment. It makes sense why a solid warranty is necessary. At LeakTronics, we know how important it is for our contractors to have equipment that is working properly. Being down without your equipment can cost big money– and in the face of other problems like rough weather, it’s vital to know that at the very least, your top-notch leak detection equipment is working properly.

LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment Warranty

Leak detection equipment will break. It doesn’t matter how high-quality your equipment is. Over time and use, materials will begin to break down. That is precisely why you should purchase your equipment from a company that can fix it quickly and efficiently.

At LeakTronics, we make repair warranties simple. In the event that your equipment is damaged or fails, send it to us as soon as possible. We will repair it with a same-day turnaround. That means you don’t have to wait on us to get back to work. Because we built it, we can fix it. We’re simply offering the best warranty in the leak detection equipment industry.

Warranty Offered By LeakTronics

Each one of our products comes with a standard two-year warranty that covers any factory defects or equipment breakdowns. Our five-year bulletproof warranty covers everything including what the two-year warranty covers. Whether you drop your detection tool in a pool or run it over with your truck– simply pack it up, ship it to us, and wait a day for us to repair it. It’s as easy as that.

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