LeakTronics Travels to Mustique Island in the Caribbean


Recently, LeakTronics traveled to Mustique Island in the Caribbean. CEO and Founder Darren Merlob traveled for a private leak detection job on a high-end swimming pool. He was accompanied by one of his certified-trained professionals, Lou Tobia of Gator Leak Detection from Lake Worth, Florida. During the leak detection travel mission, the pair successfully located a pretty significant swimming pool leak. For this job, Darren and Lou used the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, the Pressure Test Kit, the Static Testing Cones, and the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5. The swimming pool leak detection equipment mentioned in this article is available via the LeakTronics website.

Let’s break down everything Darren and Lou did to locate and pinpoint the leaks on this particular high-end swimming pool.

The Leak Detection Process Step by Step

  1. The job began at a 360-degree negative edge luxury pool. Darren started by checking out the pool system while Lou used the LeakTronics Leak Detection Kit to list potential leaks in the pool shell. It was a consistently windy day, which made listening for leaks somewhat difficult.
  2. The two began the pressure test and the static test afterward.
  3. Next, the two began investigating the plumbing underneath the pool. The pair pressured up with air and water from down below in order to get the air to rise.
  4. From there, they listened. Still, it was difficult to hear the source of the leak.
  5. Next, the team flooded the pool and conducted a dye test. With a dye test, leak detection specialists can see where dye is pulled in from within the pool.
  6. They discovered the dye pulled in on multiple joints, meaning there were a significant number of leaks.
  7. As with all high-end leak detections, it’s in the leak detection specialist’s best interest to draw up a diagram. A diagram can better break down the different types of suggested repairs for the owner.
  8. The two noted where they heard the leaks, and noted that they found most of the leak sources in the catch trough.
  9. With the diagram drafted, the two could then discuss the best course of action with the owner, pool builder, and engineer. They chose the best repairs and the price. A diagram is also useful for allowing the detection specialist to become familiar with the specific type of pool they are servicing for future repairs.
  10. From there, the repairs were contracted out and the pool was successfully fixed and leak-free.

“LeakTronics Traveled to Mustique Island in the Caribbean” Video Demonstration

You can now watch the “LeakTronics Traveled to Mustique Island in the Caribbean” video where we show you this leak detection job step-by-step. You can also watch additional video demonstrations from LeakTronics on our YouTube Channel.

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