Cory contacted us recently for tech support while locating a leak with the VILO Vinyl Liner Complete Leak Detection Kit. We were happy to help him and wanted to share with our audience the story of making the switch: The Pool Guy in Ontario Canada.

A Little Bit About The Pool Guy

The Pool Guy is your go-to pool company providing a number of pool services for residential and commercial pools, including locating leaks and making repairs.  The Pool Guy works on all types of swimming pools including concrete, gunite, vinyl liners, etc. The company has provided services for 25 years, and the owner Cory has been in the industry for over 35 years. With nine employees, the team at The Pool Guy has your pool needs covered.

Making the Switch to LeakTronics

Before finding LeakTronics, the team at The Pool Guy used other leak detection equipment but due to the dissatisfaction with that equipment, Cory and his team decided to make the switch to LeakTronics.  During our conversation, Cory stated, “we have been happy using your equipment. We met Darren Merlob, the owner of LeakTronics, at a trade show in Nevada or Florida a couple of years back.”

As many of our contractors have mentioned, Cory also stated their go-to components are the PoolScope for general listening and the VILO for probing the Vinyl Liners which are widely installed in Canada.

Warranty and Tech Support: LeakTronics Promises and Delivers

“We paid for the 5-year warranty, and I am glad we did,” Cory stated.  “Anytime I call with a problem or question, you guys have been straight up and right away, wanting to help or fix it. That is what you look for when a company says it provides a warranty. You guys have done that.”

One of the most challenging jobs The Pool Guy worked on had pipes about 5 feet deep underground. Cory said that listening with LeakTronics equipment made locating leaks in deep-buried pipes easier and has helped to achieve accurate findings.

The Pool Guy is a team of specialists in swimming pools, including performing leak detections.  Having more than 25 years of locating leaks and an abundant amount of knowledge in all things swimming pools, the team at The Pool Guy is widely referred to by their customers as they have a high success rate at locating leaks and getting the job done right.  By locating leaks and making the repairs, The Pool Guy keeps the work in-house so their customers have no need to call another company. 

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