Perhaps you’ve just started your leak detection business and you need some new equipment.  Maybe you’re established and you’re thinking about investing in a new leak detection kit.  Finding the right equipment can be a challenge, as leak detection technology can often be hard to navigate through. Check out these 7 Tips for finding the best leak detection kit and equipment for your needs.

1. Figure out your niche.

If you’re new to leak detection, it’s crucial to figure out which industry you want to learn more about. Maybe you’d like to locate leaks in various industries?  Water leaks can be found in swimming pool plumbing, as well as in irrigation systems, residential plumbing, and other places where water is present.

2. Figure out your geographical location and the extent of your business before buying equipment or supplies.

It’s critical to identify where you’ll provide leak detection services. Are you a pool professional in the Northeast, where vinyl liner pools are popular? Or are you on the West Coast, where gunite and shotcrete pools are more prevalent? Do you live in a location where hard freezes occur?

3. Are you launching a new leak detection company or adding leak detection services to grow your existing company?

This is necessary in order to be sure you have the right equipment for the job.  You may require a single kit, a bundle, or a kit that includes the training course. A pool builder, for example, may only need the leak detection equipment and not the training course and certification. Someone with expertise and understanding in the leak detection field may not require training and will instead require a kit or a flexible package to expand their business. A newcomer to the leak detection field may require the kit in addition to the training course in order to learn how to operate the equipment, discover leaks, and market his or her business and services.

4. Get in direct contact with manufacturers to get your questions answered.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and investigate. Knowledge is key and the correct step to take when thinking about leak detection services.

5. Thoroughly research equipment, brands, and innovative products to ensure that everything you buy is vetted and for your industry.

Do your own investigation. Examine all of the possibilities available on the market. Then make your own decision. The manufacturer or provider from whom you are purchasing should be able to provide you with more than just leak detection equipment. Professional technical support, effective communication, a competitive warranty policy, and the history and reputation of the company you’re interacting with are all things to consider. Are they the perfect match for you?

6. How many technicians will be locating leaks for your company?

What is the size of your team? If you have one person in your leak detection department for locating leaks, then you may need only one kit.  If you have more than two technicians on staff, you might want to consider purchasing several kits to be sure all of your trucks are prepared and ready at a moment’s notice.

7. Consider training packages.

There’s no point in buying leak detection equipment if your team doesn’t know how to use it. There are many videos on YouTube, however, investing in a leak detection training course from the equipment manufacturer who explains how to use your equipment efficiently may be the way to go.   There may also be new methods of locating leaks that you may not be aware of.

There it is.

We hope these tips for finding the best leak detection kit were useful. For more information, visit our YouTube channel to watch demonstration videos for free. Please feel free to contact us at (818) 436-2953 or at We can provide you with answers to your questions as well as point you in the right direction.