In episode 5 of the Drain Gear podcast by Jake Saltzman, LeakTronics leak detection equipment was featured. Jake took the time to interview Darren Merlob, the CEO and Founder of LeakTronics, and discussed what prompted Darren to start LeakTronics as well as the upcoming innovations he has in store.

The History of LeakTronics

Darren stated he created LeakTronics out of frustration. After graduating from high school, Darren got right into servicing and cleaning swimming pools. From there, he moved on to remodeling pools. When renovating swimming pools, Darren learned that creating leaks accidentally happens so he looked for leak detection equipment for the industry and bought what he could find.  Unfortunately, the only available products and equipment just didn’t cut it in terms of effectiveness as the equipment was not geared for Swimming Pools.

With this in mind, Darren performed various tests using primitive equipment he built, microphones that go directly into water. He went on to build hydrophones that use today’s technology and continues to create new ways of locating leaks with various components he developed.

Darren saw a need for leak detection equipment that could audibly pick up sounds in order to pinpoint leaks in plumbing pipes and irrigation systems. The available equipment was antiquated, so Darren began developing equipment to grow with the ever-changing times we live in. Darren knew he was on to something and leak detection equipment for irrigation leaks and plumbing leaks soon followed.  The deck plates were designed to listen for slab leaks whether under a house or outdoors. LeakTronics has also gone on to develop soil probespipe probes, and a wide variety of additional equipment that has revolutionized the leak repair and detection industry.

Pipe locators were an area that Darren sought to improve as PVC pipes are not a good transference of noise.  There was a need for tracing pipes under slabs so again, he developed another component.  When hooked up to a water supply, the Pulse Generator sends a tapping noise through a line which is heard and traced with listening equipment.

Adapting to the Pandemic with a Thriving Training Program

During the interview, Darren went on to note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, LeakTronics managed to remain operating. While other businesses shut their doors during the initial quarantine periods, the team at LeakTronics was hard at work on online training courses that took about a year to shoot. The leak detection training courses offer detailed instructions and video demonstrations on how to use all the components of the LeakTronics equipment as well as tips and best practices in each of the industries: swimming pool, plumbing, and irrigation. We also created a YouTube Channel which gives contractors access to a number of short video demonstrations of case studies as well as common leak detection issues.

In addition to these comprehensive training courses, LeakTronics’ knowledgeable professionals have over 3o years of experience in the leak detection industry and offer impressive technical support for contractors, even while they are out on the job site. For more information, visit or contact us at (818) 436-2853 or at