Plumbers as well as Pool Pros asked if a pipe camera could take 90-degree turns in a 1 1/2 inch pipe. The answer is – yes! That camera is the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 and is available now in the LeakTronics store.

With a 65 foot cable and flexibility to turn right angles, the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 (1 1/2 inch pipe camera) also boasts a crystal clear camera head that navigates those tough turns in inch-and-a-half diameter pipes and gives clear sight in a multitude of applications – even in more than plumbing lines.

Kevin Fisher shares, “I had an issue with a dryer in one of our rental units. I had called some duct cleaning companies and they wanted half the price of the pipe camera itself just to look inside the ducts and inspect the vents. The unit is an addition on the property and I honestly had no idea where the duct went, but I knew it hooked a 90 before running under a fence and into the house. I bought the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 and got in there myself. There was an old bird-nest about 20 feet into the line and I was able to use a 4-prong grabber to get it out. The camera was all I needed to find it.

When breaks and leaks happen in pool plumbing, using listening gear can give a precise indication of where the leak is, but without breaking concrete – seeing it isn’t an option. That’s where the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 makes its mark. Get inside those smaller lines and see where the water is escaping the pipe and know just what repairs need to be made.

Stephen Powell in Worcester, MA shares, “I was confident that we had a break in a trunk line. We weren’t able to maintain a suction on the pipe and we couldn’t get a fish tape through the line. I was convinced the pipe had broken and shifted. We ran the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 through the line and what we found was a blockage, not an actual break. With effort, we were able to clear it out and return the line to service without a costly repair. Getting eyes on it made all the difference.”

The Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 offers a vibrant 7 inch LCD display screen and a meter counter that lets the user know how far into the pipe the camera head is. The unit allows for recording and audio notation while working in the pipe to capture what the user sees and to share with the customer.

The 65 ft. Cable gives a 130 foot reach when used from either end of an isolated line and when inspecting, flushing or line pulling, users get a clear view of leaks, breaks, glue lines, separations and all the areas where leaks occur.

With the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 came the development of the CamVac System. By applying a small amount of vacuum to the line and inserting the camera, users can see air being pulled into a water filled line or soil and saturation from outside of a pipe being pulled into an emptied line. The advancement in technologies was a first for leak detection professionals and changed the game for detecting and inspecting leaks and making precise repairs without digging up lengthly lines of pipe.

The CamVac is available as a stand-alone product or can be purchased with the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 as a complete kit. The CamVac will work on pipes and plumbing with a users current camera, but with the added benefit of the hand Hand Held Video Pro 1.5, it gives new opportunities for leak detection and plumbing inspection to professionals.

Learn more about the Hand Held Video pro 1.5 HERE and the non-invasive CamVac System HERE.

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