Denver Water has a great article that talks about cutting down expenses during this Covid-19 crisis and water waste is a big expense people tend to overlook. While it may be checking on something like a running toilet, which you’ll likely hear throughout the night, there are leaks on your property you aren’t seeing or hearing, right now! One of the big offenders … irrigation systems.

Jeff Tejral, water efficiency manager at Denver Water shares, “The best way to save money on your water bill is to become more efficient at using water, which means, knowing where it’s being wasted.”

Fixing both indoor and outdoor plumbing line leaks can save homeowners hundreds, even thousands of dollars in annual expense, depending on the size and scope of the leaks. Globally, this benefits all of humanity, but did you know that in the US alone, Americans lose more than a TRILLION gallons of water each year? An average survey shows that 10% of your water bill is due to waste. This includes running water during tooth brushing, long showers, running toilets with bad float arms and valves and again … irrigation systems.

Checking Irrigation Heads for Water Waste

Springtime is here and summer is close. This is the perfect time to inspect hoses, turn systems on and off and to see where the water is going. On average, a homeowner is unaware that a garden hose has a small drip, and as it evaporates into the ground, it’s likely they’ll never know.

Sprinkler heads, PVC pipes, irrigation valves and drip systems all have the potential to leak slowly, and if those pipes run underground, you’ve got no idea, unless you see a rapid spike in your water bill. What are the chances there’s a small leak now and you think it’s just the regular cost of your bill? Frankly, chances are pretty good.

Irrigation system experts say it’s not uncommon for a sprinkler zone to leak one gallon per minute. If you run that zone for 18 minutes, three times per week, that’s 216 wasted gallons of water per month. If there are similar leaks on multiple sprinkler zones in your yard, and those leaks continue all summer, that’s a lot of wasted water that adds onto your utility expenses.

Having a professional perform a leak detection on your irrigation system can spare long term expenses that take a toll on your wallet. An irrigation contractor using LeakTronics equipment can get through your complete irrigation system in under and hour and let you know if any lines are leaking, where they’re leaking and can potentially make those repairs in the same day, sparing you the harsh reality of another year overpaying for water loss.

For in-home plumbing lines, under-slab leaks and those pesky irrigation issues, getting an experienced professional who uses accurate listening equipment can save you a bundle down the road.

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