The professional field of Plumbing Leak Detection is booming. Customers around the world trust in professional leak detection specialists that use the non-invasive leak detection equipment and methods provided by LeakTronics.


At LeakTronics, we innovate the leak detection equipment industry, creating highly accurate and sensitive listening devices, cameras and line location technology that brings a new level of professionalism and ease of use to get the job done fast and to get you paid.

Our online training goes beyond the classroom and takes you onto the job with in-depth case studies to learn how the equipment works with tricks of the trade to overcome common obstacles. We include the paperwork and customer psychology required to effectively identify leaks, and keep your customers satisfied. All of our training programs come with the option to include complete equipment packages too. Learn more here.

Our customer service is number one. Have a question about the equipment or even one while on the job? Just call us. We don’t just develop the industries leading leak detection equipment, we use it every day to provide leak detection for customers in Los Angeles. LeakTronics founder Darren Merlob has been a professional in the field for more than 30 years and he offers his extensive knowledge to help you get the job done right. Want to know more, call 818-436-2953 or visit us at