Every drop of water loss is precious and costly over even short amounts of time. Unfortunately, water loss often occurs in large percentages due to aging infrastructure, and it can slowly creep up on a homeowner when the cost of water loss is revealed in their utility bill. When these leaks occur, many are underground, and it takes time for water to reach the surface, potentially creating puddling, sink holes and even structural damage. Because the water takes time to reach the surface, accurately identifying where that leak originated, or when it started happens after the leak has been losing water for a while. Finding the exact location of the leak requires accurate leak detection equipment, and a trained professional to isolate the area of the leak and make repairs. Professionals count on the Equipment and Training For Plumbing Leak Detection provided by Leaktronics.

LeakTronics has designed and manufactures the industry’s leading leak detection equipment, necessary to accurately identify the source of a leak in underground pipes and plumbing. When a leak is under pressure in a pipe, it makes a whooshing noise that radiates through pipes. Metal pipes can carry this sound for 1000 feet, and while plastic pipes do not carry the vibrational sound for more than a few feet at best, a trained technician can use the equipment provided by LeakTronics to create a clearly audible sound and to find it at the source of the leak, wherever the pipe lays.

LeakTronics offers a training program, taken online, that instructs plumbers and leak detection technicians on the most effective methods of leak detection using the equipment in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit. This includes techniques to isolate lines starting from the meter where water enters the property, and how to listen along the pipes and plumbing for precise leak identification. Plumbers are able to easily add leak detection services to their roster of professional services and never need to rely on another company to provide leak detections again.

In the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, there is equipment that listens through solid surfaces and landscaping. Pipes often lay feet underground and the DeckPlate and Soil Probe in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit can hear leaks where they happen, even up to 6 feet or more beneath the surface.

Tracing where lines run underground is another feat that LeakTronics has covered. By attaching the PG-2 Pulse Generator to an active water line, the device sends a gentle pulse through the water in the line and that pulse is heard throughout the entire pipe and any lines connected to it. Listening along the pipe, the contractor can flag the location of the buried line and know exactly where to listen for leaks. This greatly minimizes the need to dig up lines just to find their location. When applying pressure to the line to highlight the leak with a whooshing or boiling sound, contractors know just where the leak is, and just where to dig to make repairs. No unnecessary digging or invasive methods required to find the line, or the leak.

LeakTronics patented FLASH Technology offers contractors the ability to find multiple leaks in a line and sends a 512 hz signal from the mic head to show exactly where the leak is, even when the user doesn’t know where the pipe runs underground. Instead of digging along the line, the user pinpoints where the leak, or leaks, in the pipe are and can make repairs at the precise location of the leak.

Inside the property, where pipes can run under floors, through walls and behind cabinetry, the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit has equipment that easily identifies the leaks anywhere on the property. By using non-invasive techniques, the technician can identify all pipes on the property and hear where water is escaping from those lines. There are many methods taught in LeakTronics Plumbers Leak Detection Training Program that use non-destructive techniques to isolate plumbing lines and to identify leaks in them. The equipment Plumbers use to do this work both fast and effectively is included with the complete online training program.

Plumbers are providing complete leak detection and repair services in-house with LeakTronics Plumbers Leak Detection Kit and getting to repairs faster, without having to rely on outside companies to find their customers leaks. Information on Equipment and Training For Plumbing Leak Detection are available online, along with explanative video content and case studies by visiting www.leaktronics.com, or LeakTronics YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/leaktronics.

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