When your customer has a leak in their pool, they want it found and repaired fast. Controlling the job means you handle every aspect of their needs. This starts with a proper leak detection, and if you find the leak, bidding the repair job with an estimate and then making repairs. Remember, accurately finding the issue causing water loss is wshere it starts – are you prepared to do that for your customer?

Swimming Pool Leak Detection with LeakTronics Equipment

If you have to call another company or an outside leak detection service to handle YOUR customers work, and potentially, in some situations, losing the repair work to a shady service that just wants to grab you customer. On the premise that the other service company is only providing the leak detection, one of the biggest gripes people have is waiting on that company to do their job so you can get paid for making repairs.

If you have to tell your customer that another leak detection company is going to find the leak and they aren’t available until next week, you’re going to have a very unhappy customer. They want to get the leaks stopped now, and their view of your reliability to make repairs is going to be severely damaged by seeing you have to have someone else find the leak. If you can’t find their leak, why would they trust you to fix it? This is a big reason why you want to provide every aspect of the leak detection along with the ability to make repairs.

With LeakTronics Online Leak Detection Training Program, you can be ready to perform a thorough leak detection in less than a week. You can learn the art of leak detection and use the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics to get the job done fast and get paid! The complete training course includes the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit with all the equipment necessary to find leaks in pools and pool plumbing. What’s better, LeakTronics leak detection training is available entirely online, and you complete the course on your schedule. No rush. You have a forever access to the information and can refer back to anything in the training modules whenever you need a refresher.

Train yourself, or train your employees to do the leak detection work so you can make repairs on your customers pools today! With extensive video explanation of how every piece of equipment in the Leak Detection Kit accurately identifies leaks, the best recommendations on methods that get precisionr esults, and paperwork downloads, case studies and customer psychology – you’re ready to take a customers call, find the leaks and deliver your findings so repairs can get made and you can get paid, fast!

Learn how you can provide complete leak detection services on your own and enjoy the freedom to say yes to calls for leak detection and earn your worth. For more information on LeakTronics equipment and training, visit the links above or call 818-436-2953 to ask questions or enroll in Leak Detection Online Training today.