LeakTronics equipment is the most accurate and easy to use leak detection equipment in the industry, but sometimes, there simply aren’t leaks in a pool. don’t chase leaks. Keep your eyes open!

On this pool, we performed a complete leak detection and there weren’t leaks to be found. We used the Pool Scope and our listening equipment to check for leaks at all protrusions and areas of question. At 45 minutes of checking for leaks and not finding any, we have to question if there are leaks and start to look at other reasons why the homeowner is questioning water loss.

The homeowner had explained to us that water loss appeared to happen toward the end of the week. When looking over the equipment, we found they were using an irrigation type of water system to schedule an addition of water to the pool throughout the week. Some pool owners use a scheduled system to add water to their pools, it’s not at all uncommon.

However, while looking over the equipment set, we noticed the wiring at the autofill valve was disconnected. Again, keep your eyes open. Chasing a leak that doesn’t exist will drive you crazy and lead you nowhere. When we don’t find a leak in 45 minutes, we mark the pool level, come back the next day and look at everything. When you don’t see water loss, start the hunt for other reasons.

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