LeakTronics Research and Development Team is constantly working to create the most accurate and functional tools to help leak detection professionals get the job done right. This includes improving on our industry leading product capabilities to match the demands of modern pool and plumbing equipment as well as designing new concepts that pinpoint where water loss occurs.

Keep up on the latest technological advancements by LeakTronics and see what we have coming in the future. Contact us directly with any questions.

The CamVac System

Introduced in 2019, the CamVac takes the power of vacuum and introduces it to isolated pipes to draw air or water from outside of the pipe, into the pipe where cracks, breaks and separations can be clearly identified with a pipe camera.

The CamVac was designed to remove question as to where a pipe was leaking and offers the ability to see leaks in water filled, or air filled lines where fluid leaks have occurred. This offered an instant benefit to leak detection professionals in the pool, plumbing, water distribution and water sanitation industries.

The design is coupled with a 1/2 hp vacuum pump and stand pipe to allow it to be used in virtually any application and with virtually any pipe camera.

The CamVac entered full production in 2019 and is available here: CamVac

The PG-2 Pulse Generator

Introduced in 2019, the PG-2 Pulse Generator was a major design improvement to the original Pulse Generator and provided a more accurate way to identify where plastic and PVC pipes lay underground. The new design used a gentle pulsating action from an internal trigger that required no hands-on controlling whatsoever.

With any flow of water, the device is designed to inject a pulse into the flow of the water and to distribute that pulse down literally thousands of feet of pipe and through any attached pipes that carry the water. The “heartbeat” sound is easily identifiable when listening sub-surface with the Soil Probe or DeckPlate and introduced a better way for plumbers and pool techs and well as Irrigation and Turf Management professionals to accurately map and trace plumbing lines and buried pipes, regardless of the material they are made of.

As technology continues to advance, the new PG-2 Pulse Generator now operates without attached cables and charges using a standard USB cable with 2 hours of use and a 2 hour charge time. it comes standard in the Irrigation leak Detection Kit and can be purchased to add-on to any listening equipment a user has.

The PG-2 is available here: PG-2 Pulse Generator

The SM-1 Side Mic

Introduced in 2018, the SM-1 Side Mic altered the onmi-directional capability of the the standard PoolScope hydrophone. Using uni-directional targeting, the SM-1 Side Mic focused listening onto a vertical plane. This allowed the user, when attaching the SM-1 to the LT-1000 Amplifier, to extend the scope of the hydrophones listening potential further into return lines and fittings as well as reducing background noise when focusing the mic on walls and radius coves along the inside of a water bearing vessel.

The SM-1 has since become the standard for accurately identifying leaks in vertical pool walls, behind lights, at side suctions, along tile lines and more. The SM-1 is now available as an Add-On to any swimming pool leak detection kit from LeakTronics that has the LT-1000 Amplifier.