LeakTronics, the industry leader in leak detection equipment and manufacturing, offers online leak detection training for plumbers to enhance their service capabilities with complete leak detections. The complete online training package with certification includes the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, with all the tools a plumber needs to perform proper leak detections on residential or commercial properties, and is priced under $4500 when included with training.

Plumbers earn a great income by performing repairs on customer properties. Before making the repair however, the leaks causing water loss must be found. Many plumbers call on another service, and turn their customers over to someone else to handle their needs. This does not have to be the way the job gets done. Keep leak detections in-house and get paid for performing them yourself.

LeakTronics online training platform instructs on all of the key details a plumber needs to perform a proper leak detection. Starting at the meter, isolating the property and listening throughout the entire system allows for accurate and precise leak detection. With the complete training course, enrollees get the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit by LeakTronics, with highly sensitive listening equipment designed specifically for finding leaks in pipes and plumbing, under soil and concrete, through floors, walls and cabinetry with precision accuracy.

The Online Plumbing Leak Detection Training platform includes more than 7 hours of in-depth instruction, on-the-job case studies showing how a job was performed, insight into customer relations and the psychology of dealing with new customers. It includes paperwork downloads for submitting findings and comes with the trusted customer support LeakTronics is known for. If you have any questions during training, or even when you’re on the job, LeakTronics representatives are trained in leak detection and can help directly over the phone.

Enrolling in the online training begins with the online purchase, or by calling LeakTronics at 818-436-2953. Once accessed, the training modules start with an introduction to performing leak detections and then guide the enrollee through what the equipment is, how it’s used and how proper jobs are performed starting with the initial phone call.

LeakTronics Plumbers Kit comes with a 2 year warranty and all LeakTronics equipment is designed and manufactured by LeakTronics, in-house. If you break a piece of gear, turnaround on repairs is the same day it’s received. Online and telephone orders are shipped same day and access to training and equipment is worldwide. Simply log in to the training platform from your device and even refer back to information later for a refresher. You have a forever access to the training and customer support. Training can be completed in as little time as a week online but is completed at your own pace. By taking the quick testing at the end of each module by correctly answering questions about what you’ve learned, LeakTronics will certify you as being trained in proper leak detection and will include you in their global referral database for customers to find.

Learn more by calling 818-436-2953. The Online Plumbing Leak Detection Course is $4400 and includes the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit to start working right away.