Time spent digging along the side of a pool to find a leak in a pipe is wasted time, and the mess you have to clean up is never pretty. You can be precise, and you can get to a customers leak faster and with precision accuracy with the Push Mic from LeakTronics.

Following the rule that 95% of pool leaks are found within a 3-foot radius of the pool shell, getting inside those trunk lines through return fittings is going put you on top of those leaks and get you to repairs faster.

The Push Mic features a 10-foot flexible fiberglass rod that corners 90 degree elbows and allows the user to get into lines, turn left or right and find the exact area where a leak occurs in a pipe. When the leak has been identified at it’s loudest point, plug the Push Mic into the FLASH Transmitter and the mic head emits a 512 hz. pulse, identifiable with the FLASH Stick by LeakTronics, or a standard 512 hz. receiver. Through concrete, through a pool wall, through soil and dirt – the mic and the receiver are going to tell the technician exactly where the leak is and where to dig to make repairs. No more guessing! Get on the leak and fix it fast.

For users who have the FLASH System, the Push Mic is available as a stand-alone purchase and can be used with the FLASH Transmitter and receiver you already own. For professionals that don’t have the FLASH System, the Push Mic is available as a complete package with a FLASH Transmitter and the FLASH Stick. It works seamlessly with your LT-1000 and is the perfect addition to enhance your Pro Complete, VILO or Pro Kit to get jobs done faster.

Learn more about the Push Mic HERE and get your today online or by calling LeakTronics at 818-436-2953.