This CamVac User Reference discusses how to use the CamVac System, and the power of vacuum to create and see leaking from inside of pipes and plumbing lines.

The CamVac offers a non-invasive way to locate a leak in all types of plumbing. With the tools included in the kit, leak detection technicians are using controlled vacuum to draw air from outside of the pipe into the fluid in the pipe. This allows the user to see the severity of the leak, and when using LeakTronics equipment, to measure where in the pipe repairs need to be made.

As an alternative to discovering the leak with a fluid filled line, the CamVac system can also find leaks when the line has been evacuated. When the fluid in a line has leaked out and saturated the area around the pipe, the CamVac uses the same vacuum to draw that saturation into the pipe. With the camera inside the pipe, the user sees mud, dirt, water, even roots that are surrounding the pipe getting pulled into the crack. LeakTronics cameras offer the ability to locate the depth the camera head is in the pipe, or even to use sonde technology to locate where the camera head is underground, for precise digging to make repairs.

More info on the CamVac User Reference can be found in the User Manual: HERE