The CAMVac System has arrived, and it’s a revolution in leak detection. Find leaks from inside the pipe by pulling air, or saturation, into the pipe. The camera does more than show the leak, it indicates precisely where repairs need to be made and reduces the need to dig up lines to find leaks.

In this video, we use the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 by LeakTronics to see inside the pipe as air gets pulled in the leak.

LeakTronics Introduces the Power of Vacuum to Find Leaks

LeakTronics is proud to announce the arrival of a controlled vacuum leak detection device to its arsenal of leak detection equipment. Introducing the CamVac System and method; when properly used, it reveals a leak from inside the pipe using air intake. The system works hand in hand with standard pipe cameras, like the Hand Held Video Pro Camera and Locator or the Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 and is available now at

In the past, using a camera was not a recommended tool for finding a leak,” shares LeakTronics CEO Darren Merlob. “You could pass a leak ten times and not see it. Blue and black glue could conceal a leak, cameras just weren’t viable to find them alone.

Using the CamVac , which creates a vacuum tight seal on the pipe and applies actual vacuum inside the pipe, air intake reveals the area of the leak with a steady stream of bubbles and turbulence in the fluid that sits in the pipe. It’s easily visible by a pipe camera and the vacuum itself is controllable to deliver accurate results.

By controlling the amount of vacuum inside the pipe, you can dial in the right intake and honestly, you can’t miss it,” Merlob adds. “A camera alone might work well for breaks and separations, but trying to find a smaller crack, hole or even an area that’s just started to separate needs something more. With a steady stream of air flowing into the water in the pipe, you’ll accurately identify the precise location of where the pipe is leaking.

When a pipe is evacuated, the saturation caused by leaking around the outside of the pipe gets drawn in through the affected area. A crack, hole or separation will allow mud, dirty water, dirt, roots and anything surrounding the pipe to enter and reveal the break. The severity of damage can be surveyed from inside the pipe and the camera head can be located with ease to know exactly where to dig for repairs. this minimizes invasive methods of getting to the leak, which makes customers happy.

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