Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, LeakTronics offered hands-on leak detection training.  Today, we have taken our hands-on courses and transitioned to a completely Online Platform.  The convenience of online classes is that can be taken anywhere in the world. We’re able to actually teach so much more than we were able to teach you in person.  We explore everything you need to know about locating leaks in fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, irrigation systems, plumbing systems, and more.  When you’re learning hands-on, you’re limited in what you can teach. Whereas the Online courses offer a broader area which led to the transitioning to online Leak Detection Training.

What we offer:


Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course

The LeakTronics Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Course covers the dos and don’ts of swimming pool leak detection and the educational aspects of effectively turning your abilities into a long-term company.

Students will receive their Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course, as well as sample contracts, estimates, website-building aid, unlimited tech support, leak exchange, a distinctive custom logo, and a five-year all-inclusive accidental warranty.

Our online swimming pool leak detection training course includes our Pro Complete Kit.

Swimming Pool Inspection with Leak Detection Training Course

The Swimming Pool Inspection with Leak Detection Training Course includes learning to locate leaks but also covers inspecting swimming pools and all water features that may be included.

The swimming pool inspection industry is steadily growing as the housing market continues to thrive.  Many homes have swimming pools and buyers are aware that there should be a specific report inspecting the swimming pool and the accompanying equipment.  Our course will teach you how to thoroughly inspect and report your findings for both swimming pool leaks and the inspection. This will ensure that the overall function of the pool meets safety and functions properly. We’ll also teach you how to ensure that the pool owner’s equipment is thoroughly inspected for issues.

Plumbing Leak Detection Training Course

Leak detection for plumbing is probably the most common need for leak detection. Every home or commercial building has a plumbing system. Hence, there will always be a need for a leak detection specialist that understands how plumbing works. You can learn everything you need to know with our Online Plumbing Leak Detection Course.  It will teach how to locate leaks behind walls, cabinets, appliances, under the soil and landscaped areas as well as under concrete slabs.

Once purchased, students have unrestricted access to the training platform. They will also gain insights into paperwork and reporting, asking the right questions, and training a full group of employees… The Complete Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, which includes everything needed to find and pinpoint leaks properly comes with the Online Course and offers the same 5-year all-inclusive accidental warranty.

Irrigation Leak Detection Training Course

Irrigation leaks are a prevalent problem, thus the need for an irrigation leak detection professional will always be there. Commercial and residential properties deal with irrigation leaks regularly. Leaving them unattended will absorb very high water bills during times of drought. You may be the recipient of a letter from your local water municipality notifying you of a leak and asking you to have it repaired. This in-depth Online Irrigation Leak Detection Course contains a plethora of example contracts and estimates, website construction aid, and marketing assistance. It also teaches you how to properly use the equipment in the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit.

Ready to start your journey towards leak detection training? Get in touch with the LeakTronics team today to learn more about our comprehensive and convenient leak detection training courses. You can also check out our YouTube channel to watch videos and expand your knowledge.

Why LeakTronics Training Is The Best

When you complete your course, we don’t leave you.  We are still here for you when you need technical support. We can also help you expand your leak detection skills to other industries.  LeakTronics isn’t just all about leak detection equipment– we want to help educate a new generation of leak detection specialists.