We are proud to announce the recent release of the LeakTronics Static Testing Cones! Any leak specialist knows that pressure testing is often a difficult process, for everything from pool leaks to plumbing leaks. Pressure testing is invasive and is usually the very last resort when testing pipes, as pressure testing isn’t entirely necessary considering a vast majority of pool leaks happen within a 3-foot radius of the pool itself. There are plenty of easier, less potentially damaging options– including the use of full static testing cones.

Without the need to pressurize the line, our static test cones can help you when testing leaks in spa and pool plumbing lines. Any kind of pipe material that has a maximum diameter of two inches will fit within the cone-shaped body.

Let’s take a look at what comes with our Static Testing Cone product kit.

Static Testing Cones

LeakTronics Static Testing Cones

Our Static Testing Cones set comes with three closed tapered cones, one tapered cone, and a cone cap for the open tapered cone.

Using static testing cones is quite easy. Just put one of each cone in each line at the structure when evaluating numerous lines that are connected to a single source. Place the cone in the final pipe after attaching the cap to the cone with the hole at the bottom. From there, you will need to insert dye into the hole’s opening. If the dye is pulled in, one of the lines is leaking.

A leak does not exist in the lines in question if the dye remains in front of the hole. Once there’s a positive pull, simply use your LeakTronics Leak Detection kit to identify the location of the leak. It’s as simple as that!

Interested in our new static testing cones? Take a look at our product page to learn more.