We have been discussing with some of our contractors how to locate leaks in a swimming pool pipe.  At times it can be challenging to locate a leak using the pressure testing method while listening through the concrete patio or under the soil. Using LeakTronics sensitive listening equipment makes it possible to listen for a pipe leak through the wall of a pool.

Using LeakTronics Hydrophones to Locate Leaks through A Swimming Pool Wall

Using the LeakTronics hydrophones can help you locate leaks through a swimming pool wall. Simply drop the hydrophone in the water close to the wall where you suspect the leak to be and listen.  Since the majority of leaks occur within a 3-foot distance from the edge of the water, dropping the PoolScope or SideMic into the pool allows the user to hear the distinctive “boiling” noise created at the location of the leak.  Slowly walk along the edge of the pool while the hydrophone is in the water. Make sure to use the mute button if necessary.  The Spot Mic is perfect for this type of application as it is able to be placed directly against the wall inside the pool.  If you have someone with you who can operate the Pressure Rig, all the better.

This method is also great for main drains.  Please remember that you may need to get into the pool simply to plug off the main drain to pressure test.  When testing the main drain line, put the line under pressure with water and inject small bursts of air into the pipe.  If the main drain suction line is plumbed to the front port of the skimmer, follow the line to the skimmer.  You will be able to hear the “boiling” noise through the wall.

Always remember, pressure test from the equipment area if it’s at a higher grade than the pool.  It’s easier to push water and air down a pipe instead of forcing it uphill.

As we continue to find tips and tricks, we’ll pass them on to you to help make locating leaks easier. To watch demonstration videos for free, visit our YouTube channel.