At LeakTronics, we get calls all the time from customers asking for referrals in their area, or for a contractor who uses our LeakTronics equipment. In such cases, we’ll refer them to our Find a Pro mapping tool that can be used directly from the LeakTronics website. Read this article to learn more about how you can list your business and link it.

What is the Find a Pro Map?

The LeakTronics intuitive Find A Pro map makes it possible for contractors using any of our LeakTronics equipment to be listed. That way, customers looking for help in their area of service can find the right professional much quicker.

Get Listed. Get Linked. Get More Jobs.

As a contractor, you can take an extra step by linking your domain to the LeakTronics website. Our team will reciprocate and link back to yours. Doing so will make it possible to lead customers directly to your website. This will help improve your company’s visibility on search engine platforms.

The Find a Pro map is also just a great tool to use. Customers can easily filter by radius, city, state, zip code, and all four industry categories which include swimming pool, plumbing, and irrigation. The category filter can be used to describe whether a particular contractor only uses LeakTronics equipment or if they are also trained and certified by LeakTronics.

Free for LeakTronics Customers

Keep in mind that the listing and linking on our website are completely free for all of our LeakTronics contractors that are currently using our equipment, as well as those who have been trained by us via our online courses. Each listing on the Find a Pro map will list the contractor’s company name, what they specialize in, their phone number, and their address. It’s a fairly simple little tool, but it can do wonders for connecting potential customers with LeakTronics repair specialists.

Note: If a potential customer doesn’t know how the Find a Pro map works, we’ll help them. We provide them with a list of contractors’ contact information using their zip code. However, it’s still vital to ensure that you’re on our Find a Pro map!

To find out more, visit our website and check out the Find A Pro map to get started. If you have questions, give us a call at (818) 436-2953. You can also check out our YouTube channel for free video demonstrations on how to use our equipment.