Residential water loss is a costly expense for both homeowners as well as for residents on our Earth. Plumbing systems are designed to safely and securely move water from point a to point b, but with time, ground movement and aging infrastructure – pipes all have the potential to fail and allow water to escape. Finding where those failures take place is a varied industry unto itself, but LeakTronics has electronic water leak detection equipment that helps increase the speed and accuracy of producing results when identifying leaking equipment and reduces monetary expenditures and time spent stopping unnecessary water loss.

LeakTronics develops technology that uses sound to accurately find where water loss occurs and distributes their equipment to contractors around the world. This technology includes identifying where lines run and find leaks in lines that run underground, under concrete, soil and foundations where failures commonly happen. For residential homeowners, the speed and precision of performing leak detections with LeakTronics equipment stops the financial hit of overspending due to water loss and gets to repairs quicker.

When a professional leak detection technician begins the process of finding leaks on a homeowners property with the Plumbers Kit by LeakTronics, the process begins at the street, where the water comes onto the property from city pipes. By isolating the meter from the house, the technician can identify if the leak is, in fact, inside the home or somewhere between the home and the meter. When that determination is made, the process of finding the leak begins.

Employing the Plumbers Leak Detection Equipment Kit by LeakTronics, technicians use highly sensitive equipment to listen along the pipes and plumbing lines on the property. Where lines stub up from the ground – at hose spigots, sprinkler heads and irrigation lines, the Soil Probe in the Plumbers Kit picks up the sound made from water escaping the pipes. It’s simple. The closer the user is to the offending leak, the more intense the sound becomes. This allows the user to hone in on the precise area where water is running out of the pipe.

When pipes run under soil and landscaping the Soil Probe can pick up the sound of leaks from upwards of 5 to 6 feet underground. If the line runs under concrete like driveways, sidewalks and patios – using the DeckPlate in the Plumbers kit allows users to hear through the solid surface and identify the leaks with ease.

The Plumbers Kit, like all of LeakTronics equipment sets, uses a powerful amplifier called the LT-1000. All of the listening devices created by LeakTronics work seamlessly with the LT-1000. Built to distribute phantom power, the amplifier boosts the listening potential of LeakTronics devices using modern technology to listen for leaks while being able to shut out potentially interfering noises.

Once lines have been identified and listened to outside of the residence or domicile, technicians begin the process of listening throughout the interior. This includes identifying where water flows throughout the premises, at sinks and showers, washing machines and dishwashers, air conditioning units and even pool and spa equipment. Where pipes run under floors, behind cabinetry and walls or even tile and countertops – the Plumbers Kit includes equipment that listens to the water flow. A skilled technician can provide this entire process, from the street to the leak, wherever it occurs, easily in under 2 hours.

Often, when a single leak happens in a home, there is the potential that a second leak can occur. Using methods taught by LeakTronics in their leak detection training course, Certified Technicians employ these methods to cover the entire property. If a second leak is hiding on the property, a complete and thorough leak detection will find it, and any other leaks that exist. Once accurately identified, repairs can take place and the expense of water loss is stopped.

Homeowners can use LeakTronics “Find-A-Pro” map to locate technicians using LeakTronics non-invasive equipment in their immediate area. Contractors that want to improve their ability to find leaks for their customers without unnecessary digging can also visit the LeakTronics website to see equipment and training solutions to expand their leak detection business throughout their community.

For more information, visit or call 818-436-2953 to place orders or get immediate answers to questions about what LeakTronics provides.