Roger Wakefield, the Texas Green Plumber (, podcaster and radio host gives a great review and unboxing of the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics. Newly posted to his YouTube channel, Roger delves into the details of what makes the Plumbers Kit a must-have for plumbers performing leak detections for their customers.

In his video reviewing the kit, Roger opens the box and walks viewers through the gear to explain how they are used, what they do and how they benefit plumbers who do, and what to perform their own leak detections for their customers. He explains the benefits of the Soft Sided Listening Disc, the versatility of the Pipe Probe and the power of the LT-1000 Amplifier – the heart of all LeakTronics Leak Detection Kits.

Later in the video, Roger also discusses some of the professional swimming pool leak detection equipment that LeakTronics also makes for swimming pool contractors. He shares how LeakTronics PoolScope and PipeMic help swimming pool contractors get precision accuracy when honing in on leaks in pools, returns, pipes and plumbing, skimmers, drains and more.

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