LeakTronics, the leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing and training offers a same day turnaround on repairs. Whether you’re covered under the 2-year manufacturer warranty, or you’ve opted for the 5-year extended repair/replacement option, you’re equipment is returned ready to work, fast!

LeakTronics is the manufacturer of their equipment. Unlike companies who re-sell other manufacturers gear made in Mexico, like Anderson, all of LeakTronics equipment is made in-house. We control the brand entirely, so if you break it, we can make immediate repairs.

Warranty LT-1000

LeakTronics 5-year extended repair/replacement warranty is a complete benefit to contractors because the truth is, accidents happen. In pools, equipment is subject to harsh environments and is often used in tight situations where accidents can happen. It’s not uncommon that a user might pull the head of a microphone when withdrawing it rapidly from a pipe. That user is covered. God forbid, should a contractor back over his gear and turn the amplifier into a pancake – just send the pancake in to us and with your 5-year extended warranty, a new one is in your hands fast so you can keep working.

At LeakTronics, our mission is your success. We build the most reliable and well researched technologies into our equipment to guarantee the most accurate leak detecting possible, using the most effective methods. Our online training gives users the know-how to find even the smallest leaks in the hardest to locate situations. By following a thorough process of identification, isolating areas that are subject to leaking, users can pinpoint the trouble spots and recommend repairs exactly where leaks exist. This reduces invasive digging, breaking of concrete or the need to spend valuable time and money to get the job done right. Through years of performing leak detections, LeakTronics founder Darren Merlob has addressed the needs of leak detection professionals and has refined the process to make leak detecting easier, and precise.

Learn about the equipment and training options professionals have to sustain long and profitable careers while answering the needs customers have in their immediate community. Visit https://leaktronics.com or call 818-436-2953 to find the right equipment for your own success.