Without a doubt, yes, you can perform a plumbing leak detection. With the right equipment and training, anyone can. The real question you customers want to know asks:

  • Can you find my leak fast?
  • Can you find my leak accurately?
  • Can you find my leak TODAY?

In essence, you can answer all of these questions with a definitive YES provided you have a few things. The first is, you need the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics. With the equipment in the Plumbers Kit, you can accurately identify more than just what pipe is leaking, but where, with precision. The sub-surface listening equipment including the Deck Plate and the Pipe Probe in it’s full extension allow for fast, accurate and easy listening to find where leaks are under soil, concrete, slabs, landscaping and more.

Plumber's Leak Detection Kit

The Soft Sided Listening Disc is an added benefit for listing along tile and delicate surfaces like cabinetry and areas you don’t want to mar. Use it much the same as a stethoscope, but with supreme listening, powered by the highly sensitive LT-1000 Amplifier.

 Use the Pipe probe to touch on stub-ups, angle stops, valve handles and pipes to hear the sound made by the vibration of water moving through the pipe. Locate the pipe that’s making the sound, define the location and mark the area for repairs.

With the Pressure Rig, you can test lines easily and inject bursts of air to create a boiling sound at the leak. This makes for easy identification when using the sub-surface listening equipment. Fast, and accurate.

The third part of a customers typical concern is, how fast can you get the job done. Where many people are back-up on their schedules, you’re open availability is enhanced by not wasting an entire day finding the leaks. Like some franchise companies that schedule customers weeks out and then show up to invasively punch holes in their foundation to inject helium, you’re going to work with as little invasion as possible and be extremely accurate with your results. That’s what LeakTronics equipment does for thousands of professionals around the world.

With LeakTronics, you can get the Online Training Platform Access with equipment for under $5000 and train the entire shop. Your equipment with training includes a 5-year repair.replacement warranty to cover you on any accidental damage and you have the trusted support of leakTronics by phone to help walk you through any issues, even on the job. With LeakTronics, we have your back.

Don’t wait on someone else to come do the job; provide the solutions your customers need now and get to repairs faster so you can get paid and move on to the next job. Call LeakTronics at 818-436-2953 to get the equipment and training you need to answer all customer calls today. Visit https://leaktronics.com to see more now.