When customers notice a rise in their water bill, the first concern is always plumbing leaks. With homes built on slabs and pipes running under them, locating leaks takes a professional with the equipment to locate those leaks with precision. Those professionals use LeakTronics leak detection equipment.

While some states who suffer regular freeze effects that hinder the best intentions of sub-slab plumbing may opt to re-route pipes through an attic or over the roof of a house, spot repairs are the best method for stopping leaks and fixing broken pipes. In either situation, accurately identifying where a break occurs is a requirement to making repairs. The key word here is accuracy. Knowing where and why a pipe leaks is going to reduce time spent and the invasive methods used to make those repairs.

LeakTronics Plumbers Leak Detection Kit is specifically designed to handle the needs contractors have when locating leaks. From the meter to the house, under the floors, foundation or in the walls, leaking pipes like to reveal themselves when using the equipment that hears those leaks. The Plumbers Kit is that equipment.

Plumber's Leak Detection Kit

Leak detection experts typically start at the meter. With all water outlets shut on the property, they can “babysit the meter” to see if it spins. A spinning meter reflects that water is moving through the plumbing system, and if all outlets are set, it’s evident that the water is moving through a pipe and out through a leak. The next step is isolating the pipe that is leaking.

The Plumbers Kit uses a Pipe Probe to touch on stub-ups, valve handles and angle stops to listen for the vibration caused by water pressure leaving a pipe. Be it a crack, pinhole or separation, it makes a noise that transfers down metal pipes and reveals where issues are taking place. The Pipe Probe is connected to LeakTronics LT-1000 Amplifier which deciphers that sound frequency and delivers an easy to hear audible reference to user to know that this pipe, in fact, is the offender.

Knowing what pipe is making a sound helps contractors to follow that pipe, wherever it runs, and to locate where the leak is taking place. Using bursts of air in the pipe, combined with the water pressure in the line, the pipe emits a boiling sound at the leak. Using the Deck Plate or the Soil Probe in the Plumbers Kit, contractors can hear this boil and mark it’s location, even under concrete, and know where repairs need to be made. The Plumbers Kit includes a Pressure Rig to inject those bursts of air into the line.

All of the listening equipment in the Plumbers Kit is powered by LeakTronics proprietary phantom powered LT-1000 Amplifier. With filtering technology and highly sensitive listening technology, the device is the gold standard requirement for leak detection experts to pinpoint leaks by listening. All of Leaktronics listening equipment is powered by the LT-1000 Amplifier and it is the heart of all of LeakTronics leak detection kits; for plumbing, swimming pools and irrigation leak detection.

By accurately identifying where leaks occur, contractors reduce time spent digging and making repairs. Because of the accuracy when employing LeakTronics methods of use, the need for added helium or nitrogen tanks or invasive leak detection methods are necessary. Everything required to find leaks is in the Plumbers Kit and contractors use this equipment to find leaks, around the world, every day.

For contractors new to leak detection, but who require those services to find leaks and make repairs, LeakTronics offers an online training platform that instructs the most effective methods for leak detection using the Plumbers Kit. It walks viewers through the proper techniques for accurate leak locating and shows on the job case studies where practical use of the equipment is instructed with explicit detail. The training course also includes deep insights into customer psychology and how to properly provide service, from the first customer call to submitting a findings report to the customer. It also provides printable paperwork, and comes with a 5-year repair or replacement warranty on the included Plumbers Kit, all for under $5000, allowing contractors to launch a successful career in plumbing leak detection.

For more details on the equipment, training and opportunities available through LeakTronics, visit https://leaktronics.com or call 818-436-2953. LeakTronics manufactures all of their equipment in-house in Los Angeles, California and delivers worldwide using DHL and UPS.