Chris Ilias of Pool Leak Detection in New York is simply killing it with leak detection. Chris trained with LeakTronics last year and uses the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit every day to find customers leaks, both residential and commercial and his calendar is stacked with work. By watching the instruction provided through LeakTronics Online Training Platform, Chris has been able to pinpoint leaks in all the pools he works on, with supreme accuracy, and above all, he’s getting paid to work every day.

One of the keys to Chris’ success as a leak detection professional is the media he produces to show customers how he finds leaks in pools just like their own. Chris is a marketing machine and he makes every opportunity to create something new and informational for his prospective customers.

One of the things we train on is how to elevate your visibility in the community. Yes, just telling people what you do is going to bring work, that’s basic advertising and by blanketing where you work with your services, the phone will ring. However, as we discuss, you need to speak directly to the needs of your consumer. Lead them to understand not just what you provide, but why you do it with the methods and equipment you use, for their benefit. Non-invasive leak detecting. Accurate leak locating without the need for unnecessary construction or damage to the pool, the patio and the existing environment.

In the video above, you can see some of what Chris provides for his customers. With a fairly inexpensive investment of a GoPro or underwater camera, you too can create these kind of works. Chris takes the viewer onto the job, offers details of what the customer called about, how he identified the issue and in many instances, he shows what repairs he made and how he performed them. As a consumer, seeing the authority by which the job is done instills a confidence that calling Chris for service is the right thing to do. The truth is, he’s doing a great job!

LeakTronics Online Training Platform offers deep insights into how the job gets done and includes a vast library of video content showing more than just how the leak detection was performed, but how the repairs were made to stop the leaks and return the customers pool to leak free service. With detailed video content of the best methods of using the included equipment set to do the job, enrollees are able to launch a career in leak detection and even turn those leak detection jobs into paid repair work.

We’re proud to share what Chris has accomplished with his leak detection services and even more so, that he started with us at LeakTronics and continues to share his successes with us every day. You can do it too. Visit or call 818-436-2953 to learn how you can train in the Art of Leak Detection and get paid to find customers leaks in your own community with pinpoint accuracy. All pools are going to leak and customers are going to call a trained professional to find those leaks. Are you ready to take those calls? Start today with LeakTronics.