I got a call from one of our customers, Bob, someone who has all of LeakTronics equipment and who took the leak detection training. Bob called to ask about a job and i spoke with him to learn what the situation was.

Bob shared that he has a 60 foot pipe running from the pool to the equipment and he doesn’t know where the leak is in the pipe. I asked him if he performed all of the tests we instruct to isolate the line and he said he “knows for certain it’s in this return line.”

I asked what he did to confirm the leak, he said, “I just know.” (apparently Bob is a prophet)

I asked Bob if he injected air into the line to create the sound of a boil at the leak. He told me this:

“I have the pressure rig set up on an empty line and I’m using canisters of C02 to listen for where the air is coming out of the pipe, I figure I should just be able to hear it while walking across the lawn.”

the importance of training

I was dumbfounded. This isn’t what we teach; Bob took the training! Why is he using compressed cartridges, and why isn’t there water in the line? I asked him if he used an air compressor, and was there water in the line, he responded:

Your instruction says you need 2 guys to do the job, I prefer to work alone.

Well, I shared, we recommend having someone else run the pressure rig, to inject controlled bursts of air. We recommend this because it works.

I also asked, why the line wasn’t filled with water? How are you going to hear the boil of there’s nothing there to actually boil? His response was:

When I find leaks, I do it myself. The compressed C02 should be whistling out of the pipe but your equipment doesn’t allow me to hear it.

This is where the importance of training comes in. We train you on the right way to find leaks, and it’s highly recommended that you actually do the things we instruct in training. They are laid out with the best methods for finding leaks, using the equipment in your Pro Complete Kit. Using highly sensitive, technologically advanced equipment allows users to hear a bird fart on a tree top from 60 feet away, and it also finds where leaks occur due to the pressure of the water trying to squeeze out of a crack, break or separation. Sometimes you have to create that sound, and you do it with the equipment and the methods we train you to use.

It’s called leak detection training for a reason. You are actually trained in how to detect leaks. The biggest issue with it is that you actually need to adhere to the things you are trained to do, and the end result will be a payday from your customer because you found their leaks and repairs can begin.

At LeakTronics, we are proud to be able to take contractor calls and walk them through a situation they have, advising on the best way to find those leaks and get the job done right. However, calling with ideas on how to find leaks using a rubber mallet on a concrete patio, or by swimming around inside of a pool shell painting the pool walls with dye isn’t going to get the job done at all. Maybe you knew a guy who used to find leaks and he says his way is how it’s done – but he’s wrong. Do what we train you to do and use the equipment that works. If the other method you’re friend recommended worked, you wouldn’t be calling us, and when you do call, don’t argue with the people who know what works. Thousands of professionals around the world do it our way every day and they’re winning. Just take the training, do what it says and find leaks fast, and accurately.

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The ball is in your court.