In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we’re at a residence in Northridge, CA. The homeowner noted an increase in the water bill and called for a leak detection. When we first took a look at the meter, we saw water had been running down the pipe and actually filled the meter box. There was a buried pipe leak under the driveway, but knowing where one leak is doesn’t stop the process. We perform a complete leak detection throughout the entire property, because one leak could indicate that another also exists.

Using all of the equipment in our Plumbers Kit from LeakTronics, we take every precaution to see that where pipes run, plumbing lines lay and water comes to the surface, we listen for leaks. We walk the outer edge of the property, identifying and listening to anything that stubs up – sprinkler heads, hose spigots, pumps, meters and control valves. We walk the outer perimeter of the house doing the same and make our way inside to find all sources of water.

We did a complete check throughout the first floor of the house. Water heater, bathroom sinks and showers, kitchen sinks, laundry hook-ups, wet bars, toilets – everywhere we can get our Pipe Probe on a pipe to listen.

Knowing we had a buried pipe leak outside, using the DeckPlate and the Soil Probe found in our Plumbers Kit, we isolated the area of the leak. Confident in our findings throughout the property, we did bid the repair on the job and it was accepted. We dug up the pipe and made repairs.

The money in Plumbing is in the repairs, but repairs can’t be made until the leaks are found. You can be that leak detection technician, or your business can work to keep those tasks in house by training in the Online Plumbers Leak Detection Certification program from LeakTronics. Click here to learn about the training platform and the Plumbers leak Detection Kit, which is included with the Complete Training course.