When it comes to plumbing leaks at your residence or business, there are a few things you could keep in mind. Pipes leak, fixtures leak and irrigation leaks. A lot of the time, you don’t see it, but plumbing leaks are there. Don’t rely on your monthly water bill to let you know something is leaking. Be aware of some of the signs that may indicate that your home or business may have a potentially expensive water leak. Ignoring those signs can lead to greater expense down the road when it comes to repair.

Check It Out

If you hear running water when no one is using the facilities and none of your appliances are currently using water, that could be a sign that you need to hire someone to come and take a look. A simple leak detection, when done properly, can take 1-2 hours and will completely review everywhere on your property that a leak might occur. Whether inside or outside of the domicile, wherever water runs, it’s checked for plumbing leaks. As we train our certified technicians, we start at the meter and see if the water is running when everything is turned off. Is the water loss revealed between the meter and the house? If it’s there, a professional leak detection technician will find it’s source.

Warm spots on the floor are another giveaway that you have a ruptured pipe. Is your dog lying in a spot where she doesn’t normally relax? it might be due to the floor being a little warmer. If a ruptured hot water pipe under the floor is spraying out water, the floor might be warm right there and she’s letting you know.

Something more obvious might be damp or spongy walls. a pinhole is going to release a mist-like spray behind the wall and as that wall gets saturated from the back, the front is going to show signs.

Again, when you see the water meter running, but nothing in the house is operating – washer is off, showers and sinks aren’t running – something is making that meter spin. It’s a good chance that something is a leaking pipe. If you see your water meter ticking away when it shouldn’t be, that’s a sure-fire reason to call in a professional leak detection technician.

Professional Help Is Available

The knowledge that you might have a leak somewhere in your home can be alarming and distressing. Regardless, you still need to make an informed decision on who you will hire to assess your situation and find your leak. First and foremost, do not hire based on service prices alone. It may be tempting to hire the least costly service provider, but know that not all service providers are experienced in non-invasive and accurate leak detecting. Trimming a few dollars at the start can lead to costly results later. Hire professionals. Hire trained and certified LeakTronics technicians.

LeakTronics has spent years training leak detection technicians in the art of leak detection; using the most effective methods to accurately identify the exact location of leaks and with the industries most reliable leak detection equipment. LeakTronics certified leak detection technicians have been given instruction on how to find leaks in any situation, and have the best gear to get the job done right. This includes the Plumbers Kit by LeakTronics – with capabilities to find leaks under soil and concrete, under floors, behind walls and cabinets and in any pipe – copper, pvc or others. what’s better, we’ve trained technicians around the world.

Visit www.leaktronics.com and click on the navigation link that says “Find A Pro” to see where a certified leak detection company is in your area. If you have other questions, please call the office at 818-436-2953 and simply ask. We’re always here to help.

Want to add leak detection services to your business? leakTronics offers a one of a kind online training platform that is complete in it’s training, and the complete package includes the Plumbers leak Detection Kit for finding those leaks. You can quite literally start a career in leak detection, even without experience, and do it completely for under $4500.

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