Injection Plugs (3 pack)


The Injection (Flow Thru) Plug 3-pack delivers just those extra plugs you want on hand for performing your leak detections.


  • One (1): 2 Inch Injection Plug
  • One (1): 1-1/2 Injection Plug
  • One (1): 1 Inch Injection Plug


LeakTronics top quality silicone Red Line Professional Test Plugs are used to pressure test lines in swimming pools and spas, plumbing and the irrigation industry. When performing leak detections using the Pro Complete, the Pro Kit, the Irrigation Kit or any of the professional leak detection kits from LeakTronics, it’s good to know that the smaller tools you need to do the job are just a phone call away from your equipment provider.

We use these tools every day to perform leak detection work and through our experiences, these are the tools we use most often, assembled for the rest of the industry to have when the need calls. The Injection Plug 3-Pack is what technicians have asked for to keep extra Injection Plugs in their bag for every situation.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in
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