At a time when the pandemic is causing business closures and people are out of work, the leak detection industry is booming. Regardless of the state of the nation, leaks happen in homes, businesses, swimming pools and spas – wherever there is water, there are leaks. LeakTronics trains and equips people as service technicians to operate their own successful businesses and to provide a service that is needed every day in their own communities, and they own their business for less than five-thousand dollars. LeakTronics Is Putting America to Work.

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Plumbing leak detection training and certification with LeakTronics

Thousands of professionals around the world have got their start training in professional leak detection with LeakTronics. With LeakTronics Online Training Platform, in-depth video content explaining each piece of equipment in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit or the Plumbers Kit (included with training, respectively), paperwork downloads and rich insights into customer psychology and providing excellent customer service, launching a career was never as easy or inexpensive as providing leak detection services.

LeakTronics is known for their expert customer service. All of LeakTronics employees are trained in professional leak detecting and can assist technicians, even when they are on the job. With a simple phone call, LeakTronics can walk you through it. The equipment set included with either the Swimming pool or Plumbing Leak Detection Training is deliberately designed, providing the latest and most accurate listening technologies to tackle any instance on the job. LeakTronics extensive line of practical gear can locate buried lines, can hear leaks in pipes and plumbing and LeakTronics hydrophones have revolutionized swimming pool leak detection by identifying where leaks occur without having to dive into the pool. Technicians don’t get wet – they get paid!

LeakTronics online training course for swimming pool leak detection is just $4200 and includes the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit. The Plumbers course, at $4400, includes the Plumbers Kit and all equipment is manufactured by LeakTronics and comes with a long term repair warranty to ensure that technicians can keep working, with a same day turnaround on repairs. Where other companies build kits with assembled pieces from random manufacturers, LeakTronics is manufactured, sold, trained and if needed, repaired – entirely in-house. You are completely supported by the company from the day you enroll in training or invest in their equipment to have a solid career.

Student enrollment is available directly online at or by calling 818-436-2953. Training can be completed in as little as a weeks time, on the students own schedule, and provides a forever-access to the material and growing library of repair videos for pool professionals that want to take on repair work.

For Veterans returning home from service, students fresh out of school, retirees and people who might be looking for added income – providing leak detection services can fulfill all aspects of employment while allowing the technician to work for themselves – even from home. Leak detection training is Putting America to Work, and you can take advantage of that now.

Learn more today by visiting LeakTronics online, the leading leak detection equipment manufacturer and only online complete leak detection training course provider in the world. For immediate answers to questions, call 818-436-2953. More information is available now at An investment in your future for less than $5000 can ensure that you’re never out of work again.