In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair, we’re at a high end pool/spa combo where the plumbing for the spa suffered from melting due to the heat caused by accelerant in the concrete. There are methods to cool pipes by simply keeping water in the lines during the pour, or by not using high levels of accelerant during the mixing process.

In the first video below, you’ll see where a spa was broken open and repairs were made to replace pipes that suffered damage. It was a costly effort that could have been avoided.

In the second video below, we are showing you part two of the previous video we shared with melted pipes in a spa due to concrete accelerant. In this video, spa walls have been repaired and we are performing the leak detection. Because the leak is entombed in concrete, we are using the powerful PoolScope to listen through the spa wall. The plumbing line has been pressurized with water and by using the PoolScope and the LT-1000 Amplifier, we can clearly hear the leak and mark the area where repairs need to be made. You’ll hear the leak in the video.

Using the equipment in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, including the PoolScope and Pipe Mic, the Deck Plate and the Soil Probe, finding leaks in plumbing – even when it’s encased in concrete, is easy. LeakTronics proprietary technology is designed for Pool Professionals and gets the job done every time.

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