Locating PVC and other subsurface pipes is made easy using the Pulse Generator, the PG-2 by LeakTronics. By injecting a gentle pulse throughout the water in a line, users can listen for the line from feet above ground, tracing it’s location for pressure testing, or simply marking it’s location.

By attaching the Pulse Generator to an active spigot on the line, the water flowing through the pipe is injected with a gentle and easily audible pulse. it sounds like a heartbeat. Using the sub-surface equipment in the Plumbers Kit by leakTronics – the DeckPlate and the Soil probe – we can easily hone in on when locating a pipe and map and trace it’s location. Once we flag that area, we can pressure test the line and inject air and water into it to create the sound of a leak. Using that same listening equipment, we can accurately identify where the break is in a line and mark the area for reapirs. This non-invasive method rapidly accelerates the amount of time spend making repairs and reduces the overall cost for the customer. Less damage, happy customers and more referrals for dong a job well.

The PG-2 Pulse Generator is one of the many professional leak detection tools in the LeakTronics arsenal. Visit https://leaktronics.com now to see the complete catalog of equipment and to learn about the certified online training programs to launch your leak detection business today.