The art of leak detection isn’t taboo. With the right equipment and training, anyone can perform a thorough leak detection on a customers pool, residence or irrigation system, often in less than a couple of hours. Leak detection training is available online, and includes the equipment necessary to perform the job and get paid. Adding leak detection services to an established business, or launching a profitable career with leak detection can be done in as little as a week. Customers are calling plumbers and pool contractors to find leaks and make repairs; with LeakTronics equipment and training, professionals are taking those calls.

LeakTronics is the leading manufacturer of electronic leak detection equipment and has patented devices that use the most modern methods of leak detection to find water loss fast. An effective technician can accurately identify leaks throughout the entire pool environment in as little as 45 minutes and turn those leak detections into paid repair work. Plumbing leak detections can take less than 2 hours to check an entire home, both inside and out and for contractors who perform repair work, providing the leak detection for customers keeps them happy. When dealing with a single professional to do the entire job, customers can reduce costs and time spent waiting to get repairs done.

LeakTronics online training platforms come with a number of benefits. The complete training programs, either for swimming pool or plumbing leak detection, include leak detection kits with powerful and highly sensitive equipment that identifies where leaks happen with extreme precision. Anyone can do this by simply listening. When pressure forces water to exit a pipe, or a pool shell, it makes a clearly audible noise that is heard using the LT-1000 Amplifier and listening devices in the technicians kit.

Listening under soil or solid surfaces is done with the Soil Probe or the DeckPlate in each of the kits included with training – plumbing or swimming pool. Where water escapes a pipe, precise location of the leak means less digging to make repairs, and less time spent to complete the job.

When detecting leaks in swimming pool shells, LeakTronics proprietary technology in the underwater microphones they make hears leaks in drains, fittings, cracks and more. Without diving into the pool, the technician listens at all protrusions and areas of concern to clearly hear water whooshing out of a leak. Knowing exactly where the leak occurs means repairs happen fast and water loss stops.

LeakTronics has trained professionals around the world with their online training programs and successful leak detection companies use LeakTronics equipment every day. LeakTronics also offers a direct custom support system to help keep technicians working. All questions, even when working on the job, can be answered by the representatives at LeakTronics. All LeakTronics representatives are trained in proper leak detection and have hours of experience in doing the work technicians do every day. If you experience an issue, just call and they’ll walk you through it.

Learn more by clicking the images below and start your career in leak detection today. Online training access is a “forever access” so referring back to content is always available. There is no time limit to complete the course, but most enrollees perform their first leak detection in as little as a week. You can too.

For more information, call LeakTronics at 818-436-2953.