During these times where companies are cutting back on hiring, getting the education to successfully operate your own business doesn’t require months of training and big expenses. Customers are calling for professionals to find and repair leaks in their swimming pools and spas, and you can take those calls and get paid. Train for a career in leak detection and get paid work today.

There is no taboo to performing leak detections. When water is escaping from a pool shell, or a break in an underground pipe, having the right equipment and knowing the fastest methods to accurately identify those leaks gets the job done fast. LeakTronics offers this to enter the field of professional leak detection and to have a great career.

Swimming pool leak detection jobs earn upwards of three to four hundred dollars, or more, and can be performed in under an hour. By following a proven process of discovery and elimination, a leak detection technician can address water loss and find the precise location where repairs need to be made. Repair contractors can turn those discoveries into paid repair work and can service all of their customers needs in-house.

LeakTronics swimming pool leak detection training happens online, and can be completed in as little as a week, or less; all on the enrollees schedule. With in depth video explanation of how leak detection is performed using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit that is included with training, case studies and paperwork downloads to submit findings – starting a business that provides leak detection services is easy, even without prior pool knowledge.

LeakTronics Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit arrives while the enrollee begins training. The kit includes highly sensitive hydrophones that listen through the pool for the sounds made by leaks. Powered by the LT-1000 Amplifier, the equipment in the Pro Complete Kit can identify leaks in plumbing lines, behind lights, in drains and fittings, in skimmers and more. The weight of water pushing out of leak makes a sound that technicians listen for using the gear in the kit.

For vinyl liner leak detection, technicians can add-on equipment that puts a small voltage into the pool and detects the areas where that electricity finds a ground through a tear or hole in the liner. Instead of diving a pool and using dye throughout the entire liner surface, technicians can scan the liner and detect where leaks occur with ease. LeakTronics equipment can detect where leaks occur in concrete and Gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, even in glass pools, wood spas and fountains and garden ponds.

The complete training course, including the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit costs just $4200 and includes a lifetime access to the training modules, a growing video library or repair videos and comes with the customer support to answer any questions, even when on the job. Just call LeakTronics and a trained representative can walk you through using your equipment to find those leaks.

There are no licenses required to perform leak detection work, and it can be performed by anyone. Students graduating high school that are looking to work find leak detection provides a great career choice with real financial benefits. Instead of spending two years at college to start a minimum wage job while carrying a big student loan debt, leak detection trainees are making an impressive annual salary and working on their own terms. The potential for growth in the field is equivalent to how much effort the technician puts into the work. For website content, video and photos and ideas for marketing your new services, LeakTronics is there to help get your business on its feet and successful.

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